Enhanced Church and/or School Security Program


Enhanced Church Security Program

The Church Armed Staff Training Program consist of a progression of training to prepare armed church staff to defend and protect their congregation.

The program consist of the following:​

1.     The Comprehensive Vulnerability Assessment and Policy Development

 The Comprehensive Vulnerability Assessment consists of assessing the church during Mass times to identify vulnerabilities in the perimeter of the property, the exterior of the building, and the interior of the church during service and the operations and procedures.  Additionally, Schenck Tactical and Security Solutions will assist in any policy and procedure development needed.

 2.     Kansas Conceal Carry Handgun Course

Even though the State of Kansas is a Constitutional Carry State, Schenck Tactical and Security Solutions implements the KSCCH Course with a heavy emphasis on Legal Issues Related to Use of Deadly Force, Criminal Law Concerning Use of Deadly Force Against Another, Criminal Statutes, Statutes concerning Lawful Use of Force for Defense, Civil Laws Impacting on Use of handgun, and Interfacing with Law Enforcement.

3.     Fundamentals of Shooting

This course is designed for the new shooter or someone with limited exposure and training with handguns. The topics discussed and trained are:

Safety - The Four Core Safety Rules and How They Apply to You
The Seven Fundamentals of Shooting
Firearms Handling - Loading and Unloading

This instruction is designed to insure the student is well grounded in the fundamentals, exhibiting the highest level of safety and respect for the firearms. This is accomplished by conducting drills with unloaded handguns and then graduating to live fire drills that focus on marksmanship fundamentals and handgun handling.

 4.   Tactical Conceal Carry Course

The Tactical Conceal Carry Course focuses on training students to defend themselves and others in a lethal force encounter.  

Learn Quick Draw Stroke to Presentation from Concealed Carry
Moving While Shooting – *OODA Loop
Shooting from Behind Cover
Shooting from the Kneeling Position
Challenge Commands
Malfunction Clearing Drills
The Fighting Mindset

This instruction is designed to ensure the student is well grounded in the skills of drawing from a concealed carry while moving to a position of cover or kneeling and engaging a threat.  Verbally challenging a threat is taught.  

5.  On Site Scenario Based Force on Force Training to Include Basic First Air and Casualty Evacuation

This course is designed to give the student first hand realistic experience in a lethal force encounter.  The topics discussed and trained are:

Situation Awareness
Applying the Training from Earlier Courses to Realistic Scenarios
Basic First Aid for Casualties of a Critical Incident
Single Person Casualty Evacuation

This training is conducted with airsoft guns and the proper protection gear and supervision to prepare the students for a lethal force confrontation with the most realistic training experience that is available.  

 6.  Quarterly Training – Various Topics including Force on Force and Firearms Tactics

This continuing education enhances the students’ ability to retain the skills that they developed through the prior courses.  These skills are perishable and without continued training will be lost.  
The training will consist of much of the same training they had received in addition to more advance shooting skills, tactics, and force on force drills.

Enhanced School Security Program

School Vulnerability Security Assessment:

  1. Conduct a comprehensive vulnerability security assessment of the school utilizing a proven national model 

General Staff Training:

  1. Run-Hide-Fight/Avoid-Deny-Defend Options
  2. On Scene Crisis Tactical Planning
  3. Table Top Exercises
  4. Assist Development of Emergency Plan and Drills
  5. Basic First Aid for Gunshot Wounds

Guardian Training(Volunteer and Approved) Train Staff to Carry Handgun Concealed to Defend Themselves and

                                       Students from Active (mass) Killer, Creating a Hard Point Until Support Arrives

  1. State Conceal Carry Course
  2. Introduction to Handgun Marksmanship and handgun Handling
  3. Tactical Conceal Carry Course  
  4. Force on Force Scenario Based on Site Training 
  5. Quarterly Training

Responder Training(Volunteer and Approved) Train Staff to Respond to Stop an Active (mass) Killer

  1. Completion of Guardian Training
  2. Advance Tactical Training  
  3. Quarterly Training