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  • Darrel Schenck has firearms experience and experience in small unit tactics, law enforcement operations and high threat security operations since 1987. After his enlistment as a decorated U.S. Marine and veteran of Desert Shield & Desert Storm, Darrel began his law enforcement career working with the New Orleans Police Department. After a couple years, he moved over to spend the next 10 plus years with the Gulfport, MS Police Department. While in Gulfport, Darrel worked in patrol, motors, street crimes, undercover vice/narcotics, and training. While in training, Darrel became the range master responsible for the firearms training and curriculum. After completing his NRA basic handgun/shotgun firearms instructor school in 1995, he went on to acquire NRA Law Enforcement Instructor Certifications in Tactical Handgun, Tactical Shooting, Tactical Shotgun, Patrol Rifle, Select-Fire, and Precision Rifle and NRA Civilian Instructor Certifications in Handgun, Rifle, Shotgun, Home Safety, Personal Protection Outside The Home and Personal Protection In The Home. In 2004, Darrel left the Gulfport Police Department to deploy as a security contractor in Iraq for four years with Blackwater USA, working as a personal protection specialist for several high profile dignitaries. While in Iraq, Darrel held positions as a team leader, designated defensive marksman, and firearms instructor. Darrel now resides in the Midwest, where he served as a chief of police for two years and currently serves as a law enforcement officer in  Kansas. Darrel is also an employee with the NRA Law Enforcement Division as an Adjunct Instructor. A life member of the NRA, Darrel is also a member of the National Tactical Officers Association (NTOA), International Association of Law Enforcement Firearms Instructors (IALEFI), International Law Enforcement Educators and Trainers Association (ILEETA), the American Sniper Association (ASA), and the Kansas Peace Officers Association (KPOA).

High-Quality Firearms & Tactics Training


We Offers First Class Training in Our Core Curriculum Courses Consisting of Handgun, Patrol Rifle (Carbine), Shotgun, Precision Rifle, Select-Fire Rifle, Vehicle Operations, Low Light, Less Lethal, and Active Mass Killer in Addition to Custom Courses

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​World Class Law Enforcement, Military, Security, and Civilian Firearms Training and Tactics

Advanced Tactics - Basics Mastered

​“We don't rise to the (occasion) level of our expectations, we fall to the level of our training.”  Archilochus​



Law Enforcement Course

  1. Who Should Attend?

  • Law Enforcement, Military, Or Security Professionals Wanting To Perfect Their Firearms Fundamentals And Handling, Or Wanting To Learn New, Advanced Firearm Tactics.
  • Law Enforcement, Military, Or Security Firearm Instructors Wanting To Expand Their Knowledge Base, Or NRA Law Enforcement Certified Instructors Needing To Meet Their Re-Certification Requirements.


Enhanced Church and/or School Security Training Program

The Enhanced Church and/or Security Training Program consist of a progression of training to prepare armed church staff to defend and protect their congregation.

Civilian Courses

  • We at the Schenck Shooting School believe that all persons who legally own a firearm should be properly trained in real world encounters. Our philosophy is that advanced tactics are the basics mastered. It doesn't matter how "high speed" your tactics are, if the basics aren't mastered, you are not going to hit your target. We focus on mastering the basics, building that foundation, and then applying that foundation to tactics that maximize winning lethal force encounters.
  • Based on our philosophy, The Schenck Shooting School is able to provide cost effective, real-world, up to date training for citizens. If you are a citizen concerned with home/personal protection, we have classes geared to your needs and environment at a reasonable cost.
  • We are not a military or police academy. We will challenge you, but you will not be pressured to participate in drills in which you are uncomfortable. You can learn at your own pace.

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